Aaa Steve Seligman Dsc 6784a
Steve Seligman gives his acceptance speech during the Mazon Speed Bowl/Grundy County Speedway Hall of Fame ceremonies. (Stan Kalwasinski photo)

Mazon/Grundy Hall Of Fame Welcomes 17 Inductees

MORRIS, Ill. — Seventeen new members were inducted into the Mazon Speed Bowl/Grundy County Speedway Hall of Fame Saturday afternoon.  

With some 200 people in attendance at the Grundy County Fairgrounds, 2022 and 2023 inductees were included as the event was not held last year. The Hall of Fame held its first induction ceremony in 2004.  

Among new inductees were stock car drivers Brett Sontag, John Senerchia, Steve Seligman, Jerry Einhaus Jr., Bobby Dotter, Ron Bloomberg, the late Stash Kullman, the late Larry Middleton and the late Wayne Para.

Seligman, the veteran Chicago area stock car driver, attended the function, accepted his honor and then left for Wisconsin to compete in ASA Midwest Tour Jim Sauter Classic late model special at Dells Raceway Park.  

Midget drivers honored were Rich Peceniak, Roger Bettenhausen, the late Kevin Olson and the late Billy Wood, along with open-wheel mechanic and car owner Bob Hoerner.  

Other inductees were long-time Grundy security team member Jim Lazier, race fan and supporter Al Harris and Glen Myers, who has headed up the Hall of Fame for a number of years.  

Hall of Fame plaques and jackets were given to all honorees or members of their families.