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Overton Banks $5,000 At Commonwealth Clash

JAMAICA, Va. — Cody Overton took over the lead in the Steel Block Bandit Dirt Late Model Challenge sanctioned Commonwealth Clash at Virginia Motor Speedway on lap seven and held off a hard charging Tyler Bare over the final nine laps.

Overton took home the $5,000 winner’s check.

“My car was really good tonight. I knew if I stayed out front and paced myself I would be alright. I started seeing them early and said to myself they are going to have to slide job me to wreck me, and one of them about slid me. I don’t know what it was about here but it was about the roughest racing I’ve ever done in a long time, and I’m from the South,” Overton said.

Dustin Mitchell and Cody Overton led the 24-car field to green with Mitchell taking the lead out of turn two. Behind the two leader battle, Derick Quade and Michael Batten fought for third, with Quade gaining control of the spot. A yellow on lap six closed the field back up.

On the restart, Overton rocketed around the outside of Mitchell to grab the lead.

On the lap 23 restart, Overton pulled away with Jamie Lathroum getting under Quade for second in turn two dragging Tyler Bare to third. Two corners later, Bare got inside Lathroum for second. Two laps later, Bare would bring out a caution with a flat right rear tire.

On the lap 25 restart, Russell Erwin came close to completing a slide job on Overton heading into turn two, but Overton would hold on to the lead. The yellow would come back out for a big wreck in turn four that included Walker Arthur, Matt Glanden, Sam Archer, Samuel Bryant and David Williams.

On a lap 26 restart, Overton bobbled, allowing Lathroum to get to his inside along with Eric Erwin. Erwin would almost spin in turn two, but would save it losing multiple positions. Another caution would fly. On the restart, Overton would get inside Lathroum and the two would race side-by-side until Lathroum’s car would wash up in turn four, bringing out another caution.

On the restart, Overton would get out to the lead but another caution would fly for a wreck in turn four.

On the next restart, Overton grabbed the lead with Bare grabbing second from Tyler Arrington in turn two. Another caution closed the field up, and on the restart, Bare put a slide job on Overton in turn one but couldn’t hold it as Overton crossed over to maintain the lead. Overton would turn up the wick and put two car lengths between himself and Bare, going on to take the $5,000 win.

Rounding out the top five were Bare, Arrington, Brent Robinson and Quade.

Feature Results (40 Laps)

1. 15-Cody Overton[2]; 2. B8-Tyler Bare[11]; 3. 002-Tyler Arrington[8]; 4. 3-Brent Robinson[7]; 5. 74-Derick Quade[3]; 6. P1-Jeff Parsons[17]; 7. 16-Brad Lowe[24]; 8. 6-Jamie Lathroum[6]; 9. 32-Dustin Mitchell[1]; 10. 51-Samuel Bryant[19]; 11. 36-Sam Archer[14]; 12. 08-Michael Alderman[23]; 13. 72-Derrick Rankin[12]; 14. 22-Russell Erwin[15]; 15. 49-Kyle Lear[10]; 16. 7-Dan Breuer[13]; 17. 87-Walker Arthur[21]; 18. 21-Michael Batten[5]; 19. 23W-David Williams[18]; 20. 01-Matt Glanden[9]; 21. 7A-Corey Almond[22]; 22. 09-Brad Rigdon[20]; 23. 9E-Robbie Emory[4]; 24. 23-Josh Canipe[16]