Justin Peck crosses the line to take the win at Lincoln Speedway last February. (Paul Arch Photo)

Lincoln Speedway To Introduce Virtual Flagman 

ABBOTSTOWN, Pa. — Lincoln Speedway is set to introduce a virtual flagman for the upcoming season. 

Starting with the Ice Breaker Weekend, Feb. 24-25, Lincoln will implement a virtual flagman system that will include lighting and message boards around the speedway to alert drivers and fans of important situations on the track. This technology has been implemented at tracks around the world and Lincoln will be the first track to utilize this proven system in Central Pennsylvania. 

In addition to the virtual system, there will be flaggers and safety personnel on the inside of the track in the corners and on the front straightaway. The virtual system will be run from the scoring tower.

“When you take a step back and look at it, we are removing two individuals from a hazardous environment that were an extension of the scoring tower. We are modernizing a system that was already in place,” is how General Manager, Jerry Parrish is looking at the change. “Lincoln was the first track in Central PA to utilize a jumbotron and now other tracks have them and the World of Outlaws bring one on their tour. We are always looking at opportunities to bring innovation to a sport that has been slow to take on change.”

For the first few weeks of the season there will be a flagger in the main flag stand to help adjust to the change and to work through any unexpected situations.

“The safety of the drivers and officials is our number one priority and putting this system in place continues our efforts towards that goal,” shared Parrish.