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Austin Tunny (David Sink photo)

Austin Tunny Claims Speedrome Biggie

INDIANAPOLIS — Austin Tunny took top honors in Saturday night’s 47th annual World Figure 8 Championship 3-Hour Endurance Race presented by Jiffy Lube at the Indianapolis Speedrome.

The Tunny family swept the podium with Jesse Tunny finishing second and polesitter Mark Tunny coming home third.

The winner completed 390 laps en route to victory in the three-hour timed event.

John Conner Jr. and Mike Hadley Jr. completed the top five.

The finish:

  1. Austin Tunny (390 Laps), 2. Jesse Tunny, 3. Mark Tunny, 4. John Conner Jr, 5. Mike Hadley Jr, 6. Troy Hughes Jr, 7. Zack Larson, 8. Lee Schwartz, 9. Artie Ware, 10. Ricky Puckett, 11. Mike Riddle Jr, 12. Chad Sizemore, 13. Doodle Farris, 14. Matt Smith, 15. Doug Greig, 16. Josh Logsdon, 17. Ben Tunny, 18. Doug Riddle, 19. Craig VandeWettering, 20. Cody Williams, 21. Donnie Garrigus IV, 22. Ben Limbach, 23. Steve Durham, 24. Chris Curtis, 25. Ryan Clark, 26. Calvin Crain, 27. Pete Bear IV, 28. Shawn Senokossoff, 29. Rod Proctor, 30. Ronnie Basham III, 31. Robbie Greenwell, 32. Jeffrey Shackelford, 33. Cory Harmon, 34. Elliott McKinney, 35. Charlie Hargraves, 36. Steve Frost, 37. Donnie Garrigus III, DNS – Todd Shelby, Derick Anson, Bobby Whitaker, Jeff Armour