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Eddie Van Meter won by a margin of 0.450 seconds on Wednesday at Citrus County Speedway. (David Sink photo)

Van Meter Sprints To Figure 8 Victory At Citrus County

INVERNESS, Fla. — Veteran Eddie Van Meter captured the second leg of the World Figure 8 Tour Winter Storm Series Wednesday night at Citrus County Speedway.

Van Meter, starting from outside of row three, wasted no time getting to the front. He took the lead before lap 10 and never looked back on his way to a $5,000 payday.

Van Meter was in control of the event once he took the lead despite several double-file restarts alongside Ben Tunny late in the race. Van Meter was forced to use a back-up car after severely damaging his primary machine in the Winer Sorm Series opener at Auburndale Speedway this past Saturday.

Following Van Meter across the stripe was Tunny, Cory Harmon, Jesse Tunny and Austin Tunny.

Van Meter won by a margin of 0.450 seconds.

Tunny was the nights fast qualifier out of a field of 32 cars with a lap of 17.979.

The Winer Storm series will conclude this Saturday night when the series moves to the Freedom Factory in Bradenton, Florida.

Feature (50 Laps)

1. 23-Eddie Van Meter; 2. 5-Ben Tunny; 3. 17-Cory Harmon; 4. 57-Jesse Tunny; 5. 7-Austin Tunny; 6. 3t-Mark Tunny; 7. 3d-Steve Durham; 8. 15-Shawn Senokossoff; 9. 33-Doug Greig; 10. 41-Buddy Vertrees; 11. C4-Calvin Crain: 12. 99-Ricky Puckett; 13. 69-RJ Norton Jr.; 14. 83-Chuckie Herne; 15. 08-Bill Earley; 16. 87-Matt Smith; 17. 83m-Manual Aguilar; 18. 2-Mason Hadly; 19. 27-Chris Gray; 20. 1-Jeffery Shackelford; 21. 12-Mike Riddle Jr.; 22. 22-Troy Hughes; 23. 21. Doug Riddle; 24. 97-Eric Hodgkins; 25. 64-Ronnie Abney; 26. 04-Jimmy McLeod; DNS: 99-Robert Gordon; 57r-Michael Raley; 11-Curtis Youmans; 55-Robert Ledwell; K9-Cody Williams; 37-Benjamin Limbach