Mike Lichty (84) leads Trent Stephens Saturday at Oswego Speedway. (Jim Feeney Photo)
Mike Lichty (84) leads Trent Stephens Saturday at Oswego Speedway. (Jim Feeney Photo)

Lichty Crowned The King Of The Wings

OSWEGO, N.Y. – Mike Lichty scored his third victory in 10 International Supermodified Ass’n races this season during Saturday’s King of the Wings – Jack Murphy Memorial event at Oswego Speedway. 

The race was co-sanctioned by the Midwest Supermodified Series. 

Trent Stephens joined Lichty on the front row and as soon as the green flag waved they set a torrid pace at the front of the pack, with the pair swapping the lead. Stephens took the lead on lap seven, but Lichty was there waiting to pounce and regain the lead. 

A caution on lap 25 for debris slowed the field just as Licthy had gotten by Stephens, but the pass was negated and Stephens led Lichty back to the restart. Lichty stayed glued to Stephens’ bumper, but Stephens soon fell off the pace with a broken rocker arm. That handed the lead to Lichty.

Lichty would the remainder of the distance with Michael Muldoon Jr. finishing second. Otto Sitterly, Tyler Thompson and Chris Perely completed the top-five. 

The finish:

1. 84-Mike Lichty[2]; 2. 15-Michael Muldoon Jr[4]; 3. 7-Otto Sitterly[12]; 4. 98T-Tyler Thompson[6]; 5. 11-Chris Perley[14]; 6. 88-AJ Lesiecki[3]; 7. 32-Moe Lilje[5]; 8. 37-Ryan Locke[13]; 9. 27-Aric Iosue[11]; 10. 55-Rich Reid[19]; 11. OO-Joe Gosek[15]; 12. 11E-Kyle Edwards[16]; 13. 41-Russ Wood Sr[17]; 14. 97-Ben Seitz[8]; 15. 19-Trent Stephens[1]; 16. O1-Dan Connors Jr[9]; 17. 99-Jerry Curran[21]; 18. 22-Mike McVetta[7]; 19. 8-Jonathon Leseicki[20]; 20. 49-Dave Shullick Jr[10]; 21. 0-Tim Snyder[18].

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