Jadon Rogers (14) won Thursday's sprint car feature at Lincoln Park Speedway. (Chris Pedersen photo)

Rogers Romps In Lincoln Park Sprint

PUTNAMVILLE, Ind. — Jadon Rogers claimed the 25-lap sprint car feature during Thursday’s Indiana Midget Week card at Lincoln Park Speedway.

Rogers started seventh and beat outside front row starter Mitchell Moles to the checkered flag.

Arizona traveler Charles Davis Jr., who won Wednesday at Gas City, came home third.

Jake Swanson and Brandon Mattox rounded out the top five.

The finish:

Feature (25 Laps): 1. 14-Jadon Rogers[7]; 2. 19AZ-Mitchell Moles[2]; 3. 47-Charles Davis Jr[3]; 4. 5T-Jake Swanson[1]; 5. 28-Brandon Mattox[13]; 6. 17G-Geoff Ensign[5]; 7. 6-Mario Clouser[9]; 8. 37M-Matt Mitchell[4]; 9. 38P-Seth Parker[6]; 10. 2H-Brian Hayden[10]; 11. 9Z-Zack Pretorius[17]; 12. 22-Brandon Spencer[8]; 13. 24M-Hunter Maddox[14]; 14. 57R-Harley Burns[18]; 15. 97-Austin Nigh[20]; 16. 24-Nate McMillin[19]; 17. 11-Jack Hoyer[15]; 18. 53-Brayden Fox[12]; 19. 24P-Tye Mihocko[11]; 20. I1-Ivan Glotzbach[16]