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Neitzel Doubles Down With IRA Sprints

WILMOT, Wis. – Scotty Neitzel earned his second-straight Bumper to Bumper IRA Outlaw Sprint Series victory Saturday night at Wilmot Raceway.

Nietzel overtook early race leader Jeremy Schultz on the eighth lap of the non-stop main, pulling away through lapped traffic en route to his second IRA win victory after a victory Friday in Hartford, Mich. 

Series point leader Jake Blackhurst caught Schultz on the final circuit for runner-up, with Schultz coming across the finish line in third. Mike Reinke was fourth and Blake Nimee was fifth.

In other action, Chris Carlson came from last to win the modified feature. Chris Dodd won the Wisconsin Wingless Sprints feature while Nick Petska won his second IRA Lightning Sprints feature of the year.

The finish:

Scotty Neitzel, Jake Blackhurst, Jeremy Schultz, Mike Reinke, Blake Nimee, Kris Spitz, Dustin Daggett, Russel Borland, Rob Pribnow, Corbin Gurley, John Fahl, Hunter Custer, Dave Uttech, Chris Klemko, Michael Decker, Scott Conger, Christopher Flick, Jereme Schroeder, Andy Rein, Zach Hansen.

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