The Pink Lady Classic podium finishers of Evan Margeson (middle), Davey Hamilton Jr. (right) and Jeff Montgomery. (David Sink Photo)

Margeson Claims Pink Lady Classic, Richest Payday In History

MERIDIAN, Idaho — Evan Margeson claimed Saturday night’s 9th annual Pink Lady Classic at Meridian Speedway, and with it, $30,000. It was the richest payday for a pavement sprint car event in the history of the sport.

Margeson finished in the eight spot after the first segment. The 100-lap race was broken up into three segments. An inversion of eight landed Margeson the pole position for the second. He grabbed the lead at the drop of the second segment and used the clean air to his advantage as carnage occurred behind him throughout the second segment. Many of the top contenders were involved in altercations that eliminated them for the night.

The second segment was full of multiple incidents that brought out two red flags. Troy DeCaire rode up over Bryan Gossel’s right rear tire and launched his car into the turn three catch fence. Later Jason Quale rode the turn four wall.

The final segment would start straight up, and teams were allowed to use a new right rear tire for the final 24 laps. Margeson took advantage of his pole position and dominated the final segment to win the race by several car lengths over Davey Hamilton Jr., who was unable to mount a serious charge. It was the biggest win for the Washington state driver thus far in his career.

The winner’s share was set to pay $27,000 to the winner. Just before the cars were set to push off for the feature sponsorship raised the winner’s payday to $30,000

Feature finish (100 laps)

1. 57-Evan Margeson; 2. 14h-Davey Hamilton Jr.; 3. 33j.-Jeff Montgomery; 4. 81-Casey Tillman; 5. 5.14w-Aaron Willison; 6. 91-Bryan Warf; 7. 41-Tyler Roahrig; 8. 98x-Kyle Tellstom; 9. 33-Kyle Alberding; 10. 71-Riley Rogers; 11. 1-Natalie Waters; 12. 07-Colton Nelson; 13. 17-Mike Murgoitio; 14. 6g-Bryan Gossel; 15. 36-Ryan Burdett; 16. 02-Anthony Quintana; 17. 16-Rob Grice; 18. 9-Troy DeCaie; 19. 8-Hunter Stanley; 20. 94w-Lance Wade; 21. 68-Mike Anderson; 22. 23-Jason Quale; 23. 0-Drew Crenshaw; 24. 22L Richie Larson; 25. 12-Aaron McPeak; DNS 26-Dave Parrie; DNS 16G-Austyn Gossel