Justin Peck. (Paul Arch Photo)

Four Regions Open As Peck Leads Eastern Sprint Rankings

Four regions are now open for competition within the National Sprint Car Rankings, as five features were run this past weekend and bad weather continued to plague the racing world.

Justin Peck continues to lead the Eastern region, with Anthony Macri close behind. Peck and Macri have each made 15 starts this season toward the 20 that are required for the National Rankings to officially begin.

The Mid-America region standings are unchanged from last week with four-time World of Outlaws champion Brad Sweet leading the way.

Parker Price-Miller won Sunday’s sprint car feature at Ohio’s Atomic Speedway and he leads the Great Lakes region standings.

Finally, with a pair of World of Outlaws races run at Devil’s Bowl Speedway in Texas, Sweet leads the Western region over Buddy Kofoid.

Drivers must reach 20 starts on the season before the National Rankings officially open.

Fifteen drivers have combined to win the 23 features run so far this season. David Gravel and Sweet have each won three main events.

The points:

Eastern Region

  1. Justin Peck 600
  2. Anthony Macri 577
  3. Danny Dietrich 489
  4. Buddy Kofoid 404
  5. Carson Macedo 400