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Dilbeck Is New PFC Brakes Director Of Motorsports

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. – Officials from PFC Brakes have announced the promotion of Chris Dilbeck to the role of director of motorsports.

A portion of his new responsibilities will include managing the PFC Brakes race department as well as strategically growing the PFC brand and market share across new sports car, open wheel, and other professional motorsports series.

In addition to the new segments of racing under the PFC banner, Dilbeck will still be responsible for the management of PFC’s current NASCAR and vastly increasing circle track client base.

Dilbeck’s tenure at PFC Brakes began in 2012 where he was hired on as the Short Track Technical Sales representative. Dilbeck was later promoted to the NASCAR and Short Track Sales Manager in 2015 to better chart the path for those market segments.

The new position will also allow Dilbeck to gain experience with IndyCar, Road to Indy, as well as many different sports car series and different disciplines of racing.

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