Scott McAdoo.

American Racer Tires Manager Scott McAdoo, 52

Scott McAdoo.

BRUSH VALLEY, Pa. — Scott McAdoo, the longtime Racing Manager for Specialty Tires of America, passed away Oct. 2 at his home after a yearlong battle with cancer. He was 52.

McAdoo was a 29-year veteran of Specialty Tires of America and spent the last 17 years as a brand manager within the American Racer arm of the company.

Responsible for supply chain management and product evaluation, McAdoo worked with numerous tracks, series and racers during his three-decade career in the motorsports industry.

He served as a liaison with American Racer distributors worldwide and, perhaps, was most known in the short-track world for his work in helping to develop tires for the Must See Racing sprint cars and the Short Track Super Series big-block modifieds.

Scott Junod, the director of racing for Specialty Tires of America, spoke well of McAdoo and his years of service to the company when reached by phone on Monday afternoon.

“Man, Scott McAdoo was a good guy. He was terrific, really,” Junod said. “I don’t know anyone who disliked him; you never even heard of that when people talked about Scott. He was just that kind of an individual. He was a steady hand … without him we’d be a completely different company. He and I talked … probably 15 times a day, that’s how closely we worked together.

“There’s no way to completely measure the impact he has on all of us here,” continued Junod. “Though we have to start the long process of finding someone to fill that void, even if we put someone in his place tomorrow, it wouldn’t replace Scott McAdoo. It’ll just be different. We’ll still get the work done, but we’re a small organization and there’s not too many people who watched over what was going on with our customers.

“Scott was a big part of that, and he’ll be dearly missed.”

McAdoo is survived by his wife Stephanie and son Caleb, as well as his brother Larry; father-in-law and mother-in-law Ernie and Bonnie Tanner; four sisters-in-law Shanna (Lenny) Mack, Shawna (Brett) McQuown, Sonya (Larry) Williams, and Bethany (Dennis) Evanko; and brother-in-law Erik (Jenna) Tanner.

In recognition of his contributions to short-track racing, McAdoo will be honored during the Short Track Super Series Speed Showcase 200 at Port Royal Speedway on Oct. 15-17.

The Scott McAdoo Trophy will be presented to Stewart Friesen for winning the American Racer Cup Championship. The event will also feature the Scott McAdoo racing tire, which will be used by the Short Track Super Series going forward.

“As the Daytona 500 has the Harley J. Earl Trophy and the Indianapolis 500 has the Borg Warner Trophy, the American Racer Cup will have the Scott McAdoo Trophy going forward,” Junod explained. “His love was dirt racing. He handled all the dirt stuff, I handled most of the asphalt stuff and that’s how we divided the workload up, pretty much. The invention and implementation of the American Racer Cup … Scott was in on the ground floor of that and helped to administer the program. It was his baby.

“They’d never had a trophy, so it’s fitting that one is being made in Scott’s honor now.”

A celebration of McAdoo’s life will take place at Red Barn Sportsmen Club Pavilion on Oct. 7 from 1-3 p.m. Those attending are asked to take COVID-19 precautions by wearing a mask and social distancing.

Memorial contributions may be made to UPMC Hillman Cancer Center to support prostate cancer research. To donate, visit