Nick Stone (Thomas Stevens photo)

Stone Is Weedsport’s Top Pro Stocker

WEEDSPORT, N.Y. — Nick Stone grabbed his ninth DIRTcar Pro Stock victory of the season in Sunday’s finale for the OktoberFast series of racing at Weedsport Speedway.

“With the amount of races we’ve done, and our finishes… we’ve been a top-three car every time we hit the track, with a couple DNFs. But it’s just been a phenomenal season. It’s because of the people that help me, really. We’ve had the best crew; each person had a job and took care of it all year long,” Stone said.

Stone led flag-to-flag in the 25-lap contest for the $1,000 prize.

Stone had to hold off Luke Horning for the victory.

“Lapped cars held me down some laps,” Stone said. “I saw Luke [Horning] was fast all night long too, so seeing him there at the end doesn’t surprise me at all. I wasn’t sure how close [he was] or what, but I knew he’d be the guy coming. I just looked at the cars in front of me and made sure they didn’t hold me up too long.”

Josh Coonradt, Rich Crane and Jason Casey rounded out the top five.

The finish:

Feature (25 Laps) 1. 27-Nick Stone [2][$1,000]; 2. 2H-Luke Horning [7][$600]; 3. 70X-Josh Coonradt [3][$450]; 4. 711-Rich Crane [9][$325]; 5. 324-Jason Casey [11][$275]; 6. 2-Peter Stefanski [10][$225]; 7. 25-Chad Jeseo [4][$200]; 8. 23T-Scott Towslee [13][$180]; 9. 1X-Mike White [1][$160]; 10. 322-Jay Casey [20][$140]; 11. 74N-Jim Normoyle [16][$120]; 12. 711X-Chris Crane [12][$110]; 13. 14-Kim Duell [6][$100]; 14. 7-Rob Yetman [14][$100]; 15. 28-Burton Ward [22][$100]; 16. 35-Ken Gates [18][$100]; 17. 10-Tony Markou [15][$100]; 18. 6C-Brian Carter [25][$100]; 19. 15-Beau Ballard [5][$100]; 20. 96-Andrew Graves [27][$100]; 21. 67R-Johnny Rivers [21][$100]; 22. 110-Devon Camenga [17][$100]; 23. 99-Buck Gasner [28][$100]; 24. 3K-Shawn Kirby [30][$100]; 25. 4M-Jordan Modiano [23][$100]; 26. 9-Shane Henderson [24][$100]; 27. 57K-Kevin Fetterly [29][$100]; 28. 56-Jay Fitzgerald [19][$100]; 29. X15-Tyler Bushey [8][$100]; 30. 8K-Ivan Joslin [26][$100] Stirling Lubricants Hard Charger Award: 322-Jay Casey[+10]


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