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Justin Sanders in victory lane.

Sanders Stars In Placerville Sprint

PLACERVILLE, Calif. — Justin Sanders is always a favorite when he signs into the pit area at Placerville Speedway and on Saturday he continued to show why, racing to his third win of the year at the track in as many starts. 

The Thompson’s Winged 360 Sprint Car feature started off with second-year driver Landon Brooks putting the Spencer Motorsports No. 34 out front. Sanders settled into second, but it didn’t take him long to slide in front for the lead following a lap three restart.

After that the “Bullring Bullet” had his way with things out front and crossed under the Ron Stahl checkered flag for his 19th career Winged 360 win at Pville. 

The triumph for Sanders came aboard the always potent Dale Miller Septic/ Thompson’s Family of Dealerships No. 4sa entry. The team also took home an extra $100 courtesy of Silva Motorsports Inc. for the win.

Tanner Carrick raced his way up to second, followed by Chase Johnson, Brooks and Tanner Holmes, who also earned the ADCO Driveline and Custom Exhaust Fast Time Award to begin the evening. 

The finish:

  1. 4SA-Justin Sanders[1]; 2. 83T-Tanner Carrick[5]; 3. 28-Chase Johnson[4]; 4. 34-Landon Brooks[2]; 5. 18T-Tanner Holmes[6]; 6. 92-Andy Forsberg[9]; 7. 42X-Kyle Hirst[10]; 8. 7C-Tony Gomes[18]; 9. 38B-Blake Carrick[3]; 10. 4-Jodie Robinson[8]; 11. 93-Stephen Ingraham[20]; 12. 21M-Michael Ing[15]; 13. 21-Shane Hopkins[17]; 14. 94-Greg Decaires V[13]; 15. X1-Kaleb Montgomery[11]; 16. 20-Justin Bradway[19]; 17. 68-Jayson Bright[14]; 18. 01-Andy Gregg[7]; 19. 3C-Casey Schmitz[12]; 20. 85-CJ Humphreys[16]
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