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The inaugural FTR High Desert Hustle will feature a $10,000-to-win main event. (Devin Mayo photo)

Outlaw Karts To Duel For $10,000 At High Desert Hustle

RENO, Nev. — The infusion of major events into North American grassroots racing will hit the outlaw kart scene this February with the inaugural FTR High Desert Hustle featuring a $10,000-to-win main event for the open division inside the Reno-Sparks Livestock Events Center.

A temporary, high-banked dirt track will be constructed inside the 6,000 seat event center for three days of dirt slinging outlaw kart racing plus Wednesday’s practice day.

Open 500cc Outlaws will duel for $10,000 to win along with $3,000 to win for 250cc, $2,000 to win Box Stock, $1,000 to win Beginner Box Stock, $1,500 to win Caged Clones and $2,000 to win Non-Wing.

The major event attracted over 100 entries within the first 24 hours of entries being open and has since reached 200 entries strong. Pre-entry continues up until the event.

The nearly 70-kart entry list for the headlining Open 500 division includes Lakeport Indoor points leader Rowdy Gramps of Chico, Chowchilla Barnburner points leader Christian Hickman and Roseburg Outlaw Kart points leader Carly Holmes.

Last year’s Marysville Raceway Park Sprint Car champion Brian McGahan, Jr. and Silver Dollar Speedway promoter Colby Copeland are also entered.

Some of the biggest names in outlaw kart racing are expected to participate including the full slate of factory competitors from QRC, Ignite and SRT. Teams in the High Desert Hustle compete regularly at venues such as Roseburg Outlaw in Oregon, Red Bluff Outlaws, Lakeport Indoor and the Chowchilla Barn Burner.

The growing form of racing has been the catalyst for many of the biggest names of all-time in dirt racing, including kicking off the careers for World of Outlaws champion Brad Sweet, NASCAR champion Kyle Larson and 2023 National Sprint Car Hall of Fame 410 Sprint Car team of the year Rico Abreu Racing.