Mobile Int’l Opening With Special Road Course Event

IRVINGTON, Ala. — Mobile Int’l Speedway will open next season on March 9 with a special road course race for the Story and Bleich Roofing Crown Stock Division.

Always the innovator, Promoter Eddie Shoemaker will turn the 60-year-old facility into a road course for the first race of his first full season at the speedway.

“Our first race we wanted to send a clear message we are doing things differently at Mobile International Speedway,” said Shoemaker. “We have been working hard on planning our 2024 schedule and you will never hear us say we have a regular night of racing.”

Track personnel will begin converting the racing surface to a road course after the Nights N Lights Christmas program concludes in January.

Competitors will compete for 50 laps, with a midway break, traversing the course in a clockwise direction navigating six right-hand corners, three left-hand corners and chicanes.