Keelan Harvick celebrates in victory lane after winning a Legends feature at New River All American Speedway. (Andy Marquis photo)

Keelan Harvick Stars In New River Legends Feature

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. — Keelan Harvick, son of former NASCAR Cup Series champion Kevin Harvick, won in an instant classic at New River All American Speedway in the Legends division after swapping the lead back-and-forth with Jacob Staten on 11 different occasions in the 30-lap race. 

Harvick made the race-winning pass with three laps to go to score the win while defending track Legends champion Aiden McConnaughey drove past Staten on the last lap to finish second.

“It was really hard,” Harvick said.  “Good job to Jacob. He raced me clean. I just got loose up there off the last corner and just wasn’t letting that one go.”

Harvick also made his full-size stock car debut on Saturday night, finishing second to Tyler Smith while Steve Wells rounded out the podium. 

Bobby McCarty won the CARS Tour race at New River. 

Feature Finish (30 Laps)

1.) #62 – Keelan Harvick; 2.) #71 – Aiden McConnaughey; 3.) #39 – Jacob Staten; 4.) #19 – Dominic Chisholm; 5.) #97 – Isaac Kitzmiller; 6.) #9 – Brody Rhodes; 7.) #99G – Tyler Garretson; 8.) #2B – Brenton Irving; 9.) #37 – Anthony Freedie; 10.) #18 – Tony Arnold; 11.) #3 – Shane Irving; 12.) #6 – Austin Eckert; 13.) #G7 – Colby Gurganus; 14.) #99 – Carsyn Gillikin; 15.) #14 – Mike Ridenour