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Vince Lucas led from lap five to the checkered flag at Creek County Speedway. (USRA photo)

Lucas Steals ARMS Loot At Creek County

KELLYVILLE, Okla. — The USRA American Racer Modified Series invaded the Creek County Speedway on Saturday with a talent-rich field of 34 racers battling for a $2,500 top prize — all despite triple-digit temperatures.

A melee in the first turn on the opening lap saw three cars come to a stop with sixth-starting Jason Sartain leaving the race on the hook of a tow truck.

Polesitter Jack Sartain brought the field back to the green flag and led the first lap before giving the spot to Michael Walker when the yellow flag waved for a second time.

Cautions hampered the next two laps as well. The fourth occured before the fourth lap could be completed, which eventually gave Jack the lead back for the next restart.

Jack led two more circuits before Vince Lucas moved in the challenge.

Lucas used the upper crust to scoot by Jack as they completed the fifth lap.

Lucas continued to lead throughout the race while Joe Duvall, former series champ Triston Dycus and ARMS points leader Chris Henigan put on a great show for the fans at the quarter-mile dirt oval.

A fifth and final caution was thrown with four laps to go and wiped out a five-car-length lead Lucas was enjoying and put four fast drivers on his rear bumper. Nonetheless, Lucas was unphased and he polished off the 30-lapper to take the second USRA American Racer Modified Series win of his career.

Behind Lucas, Henigan was able to get around both Dycus and Jack to challenge for the lead, but settled for runner-up honors at the finish line while Dycus, Jack and Chris Dawson followed in third, fourth and fifth.

Duvall held on for sixth, Manuel Williams II seized the seventh spot, the eighth-place paycheck went to Chad Davis, James McCreery nabbed ninth and Brandon Dean came from 15th on the grid to complete the top 10.

American Racer awarded $100 cash to Jack, Manuel Williams and Mason Williams in a random draw during the driver’s meeting for competitors who pre-entered for Saturday’s show. Dizzy Dean Electric gave $150 to Jack as the highest finisher who arrived with an open trailer.

The finish:

Feature (30 Laps): 1. 9L-Vince Lucas (7), 2. 16-Chris Henigan (10), 3. 14T-Triston Dycus (9), 4. 47-Jack Sartain (1), 5. 7X-Chris Dawson (8), 6. 91-Joe Duvall (3), 7. 24M-Manuel Williams (5), 8. 52-Chad Davis (4), 9. 13J-James McCreery (12), 10. 17-Brandon Dean (15), 11. 718-Tommy Cannon (13), 12. 1T-Ryan Taylor (22), 13. 7-Jason Davis (11), 14. 12-Eric Redman (14), 15. 24-Manuel Williams (19), 16. 27-Greg Skaggs (16), 17. 24W-Mason Williams (21), 18. 34-Michael Walker (2), 19. 12A-Austin McSperitt (20), 20. 67-Danny Padilla (17), 21. 55-Nathan Hagar (18), 22. 17S-Jason Sartain (6)