Dylan Bokus will move up to the sportsman class during the upcoming racing season in the Northeast. (Mark Brown Photo)
Dylan Bokus will move up to the sportsman class during the upcoming racing season in the Northeast. (Mark Brown Photo)

Dylan Bokus Adds Sponsor, Steps Up To Sportsman

MALTA, N.Y. – When the upcoming season begins, 19-year-old Dylan Bokus will not only be moving up a class in competition, he will also be showcasing the 3 Sons Motorsports new sponsor, Upstate Utilities, on his No. 39 DIRTcar Sportsman machine.

“I’m really excited to announce Upstate Utilities as our new sponsor,” said Bokus. “The team and I are also excited to say we’ll be racing full-time this season in the Sportsman class at Albany-Saratoga on Friday nights.”

Upstate Utilities, based in Altamont, N.Y., offers commercial businesses the ability to lock in electricity and natural gas rates in a long-term agreement. A dedicated dirt race fan, John Thomas, works with companies to determine the best energy supplier for individual businesses.

It was a chance meeting at Albany-Saratoga last fall that Thomas had with Bokus’ dad and car owner, Bill Bokus, just prior to DIRTcar OctoberFAST that led to the sponsorship.

“Dylan had some good runs last year and has put himself in a good situation. I liked the family approach of the team. This is an opportunity for me to help someone out,” said Thomas. “Dylan’s a young man who is an up and coming driver and we’re pleased to be able to sponsor him.”

Bokus started his racing career when he was 10, running go-karts for one year and earning the track title at Turkey Trot Raceway in Ford Edward, N.Y. From 2016 to ’18 Bokus ran a limited number of races at Albany-Saratoga in the Limited Sportsman class.

Despite being a low-budget, self-funded team, Bokus and his dad decided to focus on a full season of racing in 2019 with the result being a track championship in the Limited Sportsman class.

“In our opinion, we ran fantastic that year,” said Bokus. “I was always learning, getting to know the car and what it does. Also, understanding how I like to have the car setup to drive. I learned a lot.”

In 2020 Bokus ran a limited number of events in the DIRTcar Sportsman class, again honing his skills as a driver. The decision was made at the end of the season that the team would move up and run the Sportsman class weekly.

“I’m proud of what Dylan has done and I know he is ready to make this move,” said Bill Bokus.

“I’d like to try some different tracks but it all depends on how we do,” said Dylan Bokus.  “We only have one car, a 2011 Troyer, and I need that car for Friday nights. I know that with our team and our confidence that we can run well and maybe we’ll be able to travel at some point during the season.”