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Bruno Aces Restart To Win At Airborne

PLATTSBURGH — Travis Bruno aced a late race restart to collect his second win of the season in the J&S Steel Sportsman division at Airborne Speedway.

Tanner Forbes had a commanding lead before the caution flag flew on lap 29 for a spin in front of the leaders. The field bunched up and restarted side-by-side with Forbes electing to restart from the inside lane.

Travis Bruno was the dance partner firing from the outside groove. Both drivers hit the gas at the Lake City Fire Restart Cone in turn four, but it was Bruno who had a better drive off the fourth turn and down the front stretch.

Bruno went on to lead the final two laps of the green-and-white checkered finish, while Forbes had to settle for second. Robert Delormier charged from 12th position on the starting grid to complete the podium.

Beau Reeves and Codie Aubin finished fourth and fifth, respectively.

Tylor Terry scored his first win of the season in the 25-lap feature event for the Hartson Total Opening Renegade division.

Terry was running in second position when he crossed the line on lap 24, well behind leader Zack Daniels. Daniels shredded his right rear tire in turns one and two on the final lap, allowing the field to close in and eventually pass.

Terry raced to victory by passing Daniels on the inside, while Josh Terry and Richie Turner were side-by-side for second. Josh eventually came away with the second spot, while Turner settled for third.

Daniels, running on the right rear rim, limped home to a fourth-place finish. Tyler Irwin completed the top five.

Josh LaPorte Sr. picked up his first win of the season in the Taylor Rental Street Stock division. Jake Fountain was charging late in the race, but ran out of laps and settled for second. Josh LaPorte Jr., Mat LaValley and Bill Doner finished in positions three through five.

Racing action resumes next weekend for Renegade Twin 20’s on SeaComm “Pay-It-Forward Night.” 

Tonight’s race results:

J&S Steel Sportsman Feature (25 Laps): 1. Travis Bruno; 2. Forbes; 3. R. Delormier; 4. Reeves; 5. Aubin; 6. Begor; 7. Arquette; 8. J. Bruno; 9. Gonyo; 10. Wright; 11. Preville; 12. Swamp; 13. Cayea; 14. Leonard; 15. Blaney; 16. Branham; 17. X. Delormier; 18. Hernandez; 19. Wells (DNS).

Hartson Total Opening Renegade Feature (25 Laps): 1. Tylor Terry; 2. J. Terry; 3. Turner; 4. Daniels; 5. Irwin; 6. McClatchie; 7. Guay; 8. Bogett; 9. Agoney; 10. Sawyer; 11. Rhoades; 12. Stokes; 12. Duquette.

Taylor Rental Street Stocks (15 Laps): 1. Josh Laporte Sr.; 2. Fountain; 3. LaPorte Jr.; 4. Lavalley; 5. Doner; 6. Zindler Jr.; 7. C. Tourville; 8. Blake; 9. Parker; 10. K. Tourville; 11. Goddeau; 12. Engstrom; 13. Cross; 14. Harnden; 15. Bosley; 16. Bradley; 17. Smart (DNS); 18. Mooney (DNS); 19. Vallance (DNS).

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