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Austin Torgerson. (Richard Bales photo)

Torgerson Wins Sooner 600 Week Opener

CANEY, Kan. — Austin Torgerson was added to the list of national micro sprint winners on Wednesday during opening night of the Sooner 600 Week for the Dirt2Media National Open Wheel 600 Series.

Meanwhile, Jett Nunley overtook Ryan Timms on the all-time restricted win list. 

Welcoming a field of 73 entries to the quarter-mile oval, 32 took part in A-class where Montana’s Cole Schroder kept pace from start to finish to become the division’s 56th different winner. Jett Hays crossed second with Harley Hollan third. Elijah Gile fourth was trailed by Nunley, who made it to fifth from 14th.

A dominant force in the Arizona micro scene, Torgerson brought that same tenacity to Kansas where the No. 88 jumped from fourth to first by lap 3. Keeping pace from there through numerous restarts, the Glendale, Ariz., shoe crossed 1.064 seconds ahead of Jett Hays for his second silver score of the night.

Cole Schroder was third, was followed by Matt Car and Isaiah Garcia to complete the top five.

Tied with Timms going into the weekend at 21 wins, Nunley finally completed his season’s goal of taking his win total to 22 in restricted competition. Unstoppable from the start, the No. 33 bested the field by 2.997 seconds. Fining the high line to second, Carson Bolden was followed by Cale Lagroon.

Kyle Hooper was fourth with Deekan McRoberts in fifth.

A-Class Feature Results (25 Laps)

1. 3-Cole Schroeder[1]; 2. 11X-Jett Hays[4]; 3. 14HHarley Hollan[3]; 4. 13-Elijah Gile[2]; 5. 33-Jett Nunley[14]; 6. 25-Maverick Elkins[12]; 7. 83-Brant Woods[11]; 8. 2B-Garrett Benson[18]; 9. 93-Matt Carr[10]; 10. 27KW-Kaden Weger[8]; 11. 24C-Cale Lagroon[15]; 12. 14G-Madelyn Gjerness[17]; 13. 5-Ryder McCutcheon[16]; 14. 77E-Cole Esgar[20]; 15. 938-Bradley Fezard[19]; 16. 81-Frank Flud[6]; 17. 00-TJ Stark[9]; 18. 17S-Baron Silva[7]; 19. 72- Alex Karpowicz[5]; 20. 22-Jesse Pate[13]