Brett Osborn in action at Port City Raceway. (Richard Bales Photo)

Osborn Charges To Port City A-Class Wing Victory

TULSA, Okla. — Brett Osborn charged from 10th on the grid to the win in Saturday’s A-Class Wing feature at Port City Raceway. 

Osborn outlasted Brandon Boggs, Alec Frisell, Jase Blevins and Connor Lee in the 25-lap feature.

The stock non-wing feature went to Blake Battles. He scored the victory over Lee, Brock Berreth, Jake Rosario and Kris Carroll.

The 20-lap restricted wing division feature was won by Mattix McBride. Deekan McRoberts and Mekentzi Potter completed the podium finishers. 

Jr. sprints action was highlighted by Sawyer McBride winning the 20-lap event. Kane Matlock and Caleb Johannesen topped off the podium.

The Sportsman division saw Ryan Cotney win the 20-lap feature from the pole position. Lonnie Fraley and Brad Best placed on the podium.

Finally, the POWRi Midget feature went to Trey Marcham over Kyle Jones and Andrew Felker.

Feature Finish (25 Laps)

1. 99-Brett Osborn[10]; 2. 2B-Brandon Boggs[9]; 3. 91-Alec Frisell[15]; 4. 8-Jase Blevins[14]; 5. 1H-Connor Lee[6]; 6. 42-Jeff Harris[11]; 7. 49A-Ace Moore[3]; 8. 22- Mekentzi Potter[18]; 9. 12H-Shane Hacker[12]; 10. 14-Jacob Moseley[17]; 11. 4S-Aubrey Jo Sappington[1]; 12. 88P-Ayden Parrish[8]; 13. 5K-Kris Carroll[2]; 14. 92-Jake Rosario[5]; 15. 14G-Madelyn Gjerness[7]; 16. 16- Colton Holland[20]; 17. 49-Cody Barnes[13]; 18. 73-Chase McDougal[4]; 19. 77-Chase Wright[16]; 20. 21- Jeremy Wickham[19]