Flat Rock To Remain Dark

FLAT ROCK, Mich. — Flat Rock Speedway will remain dark for a little longer.

The state of Michigan has been moved to stage 4 of the Michigan Safe Start Plan and residents are no longer required to stay home.

Still, outdoor gatherings will be limited to a maximum of 100 people. As a result, Flat Rock Speedway officials unveiled their plan to move forward, but with no racing scheduled at this point.

“We have communicated with Ash Township, the Monroe County Health Department and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department to confirm what is allowed and permitted. Distancing is required and face coverings are recommended, as is hand sanitizer for each race team,” Flat Rock officials said in a statement. “It is not financially feasible for us to conduct racing events until we are permitted to have at least a reasonable percentage of our overall seating capacity in attendance.

Until such time as we know that date, we will continue with private track rentals, expanding to our established plan of past seasons, including a maximum of four cars per four-hour session.”

Officials said they would provide a two-week notice prior to the first event, and would have at least two practice days prior to that race.

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