Cale Thomas at Fremont Speedway. (Mike Campbell photo)

Cale Thomas Finally Gets One At Fremont

FREMONT, Ohio — Cale Thomas could have had two wins this season but mechanical woes cost him. The Fairland, Ind. driver finally had a race day go his way, claiming the 410 sprint feature win to open the season at Fremont Speedway presented by Gill Construction.

Thomas, aboard the Jay Kiser Racing No. 23, took the lead from Larry Kingseed on lap three of the 30-lap Fort Ball Pizza Palace 410 Sprint A-main, was patient in lapped traffic and drove to his second career win at “The Track That Action Built.”

Defending Fremont Speedway champion Cap Henry, Zeth Sabo, Craig Mintz and Zane DeVault rounded out the top five.

The win also makes Thomas a clear threat to dethrone Henry in the hunt for the title of the All Pro Aluminum Cylinder Heads-Kistler Racing Products Attica Fremont Championship Series presented by the Baumann Auto Group as the series begins its sixth season.

“I didn’t know how close Cap was but I felt like I was doing what I was supposed to do in getting through lapped traffic the way I did,” Thomas said. “When you have a guy like Cap Henry behind you he will pounce on any little mistake you make so I’m always thinking is this a good corner…should I be doing this…do I need to change this. I just kept doing my fundamentals and staying after it.

“This could have been our third win this year….we definitely needed this.”

Jamie Miller usually doesn’t like slick race tracks, but after waging a terrific battle the last two thirds of the 25-lap Fremont Federal Credit Union 305 Sprint feature with Tyler Shullick, Miller took the lead for good on lap 21 and drove to his 45th career victory at Fremont.

Zack Kramer led the first six laps before fourth starter Miller took over. Shullick worked the low line to grab the lead with 10 laps to go, but Miller was patient and charged back to the point on lap 21 and drove to the win. Shullick, Kramer, Paul Weaver and Dustin Stroup would round out the top five.

Feature Finish (30 Laps)

1. 23-Cale Thomas[4]; 2. 33W-Cap Henry[5]; 3. 29-Zeth Sabo[7]; 4. 09-Craig Mintz[8]; 5. 4-Zane DeVault[6]; 6. 1-Nate Dussel[14]; 7. 101-Kalib Henry[2]; 8. 5T-Travis Philo[12]; 9. 7N-Darin Naida[15]; 10. 4S-Tyler Street[3]; 11. 2+-Brian Smith[11]; 12. 35-Stuart Brubaker[10]; 13. 19-TJ Michael[9]; 14. 68G-Tyler Gunn[19]; 15. 9-Trey Jacobs[20]; 16. 16-DJ Foos[18]; 17. 71H-Max Stambaugh[17]; 18. 32-Bryce Lucius[13]; 19. 5-Kody Brewer[16]; 20. X-Mike Keegan[23]; 21. 28M-Conner Morrell[21]; 22. 13-Van Gurley Jr[22]; 23. 75-Jerry Dahms[24]; 24. 21-Larry Kingseed Jr[1]