Georgetown Speedway

New Ownership For Georgetown Speedway

GEORGETOWN, Del. — Georgetown Speedway, which hosted its first stock car race on March 18, 1950, will maintain a legacy of auto racing well into the future. 

An investment group including Brett Deyo of BD Motorsports Media LLC, completed the purchase of the facility shortly before the new year.

The agreement solidifies the future of the Sussex County property for auto racing.

“This is an exciting announcement for motorsports in the state of Delaware,” Deyo said. “Our group of investors has the best interests of the speedway in mind and continuing the legacy of Georgetown Speedway long term.”

Since 2016, BD Motorsports Media LLC has operated Georgetown Speedway via a lease agreement with prior property owners SeaCoast Investments LLC. 

The purchase opens a long list of opportunities for the facility and events.

“We have done our best since 2016 to keep the gates of Georgetown Speedway open,” Deyo said. “Improvements have been confined to the limitations of our lease agreement. 

“The purchase will allow us to seriously evaluate the needs of the facility and make upgrades for the future.”

In an era of speedways closing and large properties being transitioned to commercial and residential sites, Georgetown Speedway is an anomaly.

“The racing community in Delaware is very fortunate,” Deyo said. “Thanks to the investors, racing at Georgetown Speedway is here to stay.”

BD Motorsports Media LLC will continue to operate the speedway for stock car racing and other events.

Georgetown Speedway was constructed by Delaware auto racing and business icon Melvin L. Joseph in 1949 with the first race one year later in 1950. 

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