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Benton And Odgen Emerge New Hidden Valley Winners

CLEARFIELD, Penn. — Ron Benton finally got the monkey off his back as he parked his No. 52 Amsoil Pure Stock in the Carns Powersports Winners Circle on Saturday night at Hidden Valley Speedway.

Jimmy Ogden joined Benton as a new winner, copping his first Craig’s Welding and Fabrication Four Cylinder feature. Additionally, Mark Hahn and John Marks won the Larry Schultz/Bobby Roos Memorial race for the PA Thunder on Dirt Vintage Modified race in the modified and sportsman’s classes respectively.

Repeat winners included Gary Little in the Scaife Racing Supplies Semi Lates, Hayden Holden in the Small Block Modifieds and Chad Rougeux in the Street Stocks.

Benton and Tyler Rougeux led the Amsoil Pure Stocks to the green flag, with Benton taking the lead and setting a torrid pace as he opened up a three-quarter lap lead over second place.

Rougeux held second for many laps, but it was Ryan Jones who was biding his time to pass. On lap 11, he was able to make the move past Rougeux for second and he tried to reel in the leader, but ran out of time.

At the finish it was Benton winning easily over Jones, Rougeux, Ryan Shaffner and Lester Hudson. 

The Craig’s Welding and Fabrication Four Cylinders saw Jason Elensky and Ogden on the front row as Ogden took the lead and set sail. He was not about to give up the win, as he pulled several car lengths on second place Elensky.

Luke Hoffner swooped in soon after to take second and was holding off all challengers, but along came Tyler Gill who was searching for a win. When the checkered flag waved, it was Ogden going the distance for his first win of the season over Gill, Hoffner, Tim Raup and John Brown. 

The Larry Schultz/Bobby Roos Memorial race for the PA Thunder on Dirt Vintage Modified race saw Cody Schultz and Hahn on the front row, with Hahn shooting into the lead at the start.

As the field exited turn two on lap two, Schultz took the lead and was setting a torrid pace.

He led until lap eight, when he went high in turns three and four, allowing Hahn to move under him and into the lead. As Hahn was leading, Schultz was trying everything he had to get by the leader and regain the lead, but he was unable to muster up the extra power.

Hahn took the win over Schultz, Tom Warburton, John Marks and Steve Longo.

The Sportsman’s portion of the race was won by Marks.

Pure Stocks Feature: 1. Ron Benton, Duncansville 2. Ryan Jones, 3. Tyler Rougeux, 4. Ryan Shaffner, 5. Lester Hudson, 6. Bob Holt, 7. Todd Coble

Four Cylinders Feature: 1. Jimmy Ogden, Clearfield; 2. Tyler Gill, 3. Luke Hoffner, 4. Tim Raup, 5. John Brown, 6. Kevin Trimpey, 7. Eric Luzier, 8. Virgil Meyer, 9. Jason Elensky, 10. Martin Neeper, 11. Jason Dotts, 12. Dustin Miller, 13. Jordan Exley, 14. Shane Wagner, 15. Allen Robison, 16. Tanner Ogden, 17. Jake Pennington, 18. Isaac Exley, 19. William Kephart, 20. Wild Bill Hassenplue, 21. Jacklyn Graham.

Vintage Modifieds Feature: 1. Mark Hahn (M) Middletown; 2.  Cody Schultz (M), 3. Tom Warburton (M), 4. John Marks (S) Middleton; 5. Steve Longo (M), 6. Jeff Manners (S), 7. Dave Phillips (S)

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