McCreadie Recaptures
Tim McCreadie. (Shawn Cooper photo)

McCreadie Recaptures Brownstown 100 Glory

BROWNSTOWN, Ind. – Tim McCreadie went to victory lane at Brownstown Speedway on Saturday night, as he captured the win in the 41st annual Jackson 100.

McCreadie took the lead on lap 15 and held it the rest of the way for his second win in the last three Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series races and his second Jackson 100 score.

The New York Native previously won the event in 2008.

Jonathan Davenport chased McCreadie to the checkers to finish second, while Rooke of the Year point leader Tanner English came from the 11th starting spot to finish third.

Completing the top five were Zack Dohm and Earl Pearson Jr.

Davenport led the first 14 laps of the 100-lap event until yielding the lead to the fourth-place starting McCreadie. McCreadie survived several restarts to pick-up his second career win in the track’s most prestigious event that began in 1980.

McCreadie’s triumph was his seventh LOLMDS win of the season.

“When I first came here, we won the first time out the gate. I thought ‘man I love this place, this is a lot of fun,'” McCreadie noted. “I was thinking 12 years later, it hasn’t been a lot of fun for 11 of them, but the 12th is pretty cool, that’s for sure. I haven’t been here many times where it’s been horrible, it has always been really racy. I am worn out! This is probably the hardest I have worked for anything this year. I saw 49 on the board and I thought to myself, don’t hold off one lap because he will make you pay. I thought he [Davenport] was getting close so I just moved down the track a little bit.”

Davenport was looking for his second win the event as well, but finished in second.

“We had a good car tonight, just not good enough. I think we were pretty close,” said Davenport. “Congratulations to McCreadie on the win. I think he has been in my trailer as much as he has been in his. I was just probably one lap too late in moving up top in the beginning. Me and Zack [Dohm] had a good race there for several laps when we were running side-by side. We have come a long way since last week.”

English earned another podium finish at one of his favorite tracks.

“We definitely had a fast car at the end. It seemed like every time after a caution we would pass two or three cars and then kind of even out at the end,” English explained. “Everybody seemed to start fading at the end and I started to gain on them, picking them off one by one. I had one of the best cars I have had all year.”

The finish:

Tim McCreadie, Jonathan Davenport, Tanner English, Zack Dohm, Earl Pearson Jr., Mike Marlar, Tyler Erb, Chris Ferguson, Devin Moran, Ricky Thornton Jr., Steve Casebolt, Shane Clanton, Kyle Strickler, Josh Richards, Jimmy Owens, Hudson O’Neal, Billy Moyer Jr., Greg Johnson, Kyle Bronson, Chad Finley, Bobby Pierce, Tyler Bruening, Chad Stapleton, Billy Moyer, Scott James, Stormy Scott, Josh Rice, Michael Chilton.

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