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Grant Thompson (Jacob Seelman photo)

Thompson Running Select CARS Tour Races With Johnson

MOBILE, Ala. – Grant Thompson will compete in select CARS Late Model Stock Tour events this season in a second car for Justin Johnson Racing.

Thompson, 14, will race as a teammate to Texas native Kaden Honeycutt for approximately six races in the Southeastern-based series.

The team recently won the CARS Late Model Stock Tour opener at South Carolina’s Dillon Motor Speedway with team owner Justin Johnson behind the wheel.

“I am very grateful to have the opportunity to participate in select CARS Tour events,” said Thompson. “It is still unbelievable to me that I have the opportunity to race in this competitive of a series with Kaden Honeycutt as my teammate in a Justin Johnson-prepared late model stock car.

“Justin has very nice equipment and that really boosts my confidence level coming into the series and racing against professional race car drivers,” he added. “I’m looking forward to getting started.”

Thompson will test with Johnson’s team prior to his first CARS Tour start. An exact schedule of events is yet to be determined, but Thompson’s goal is to compete with the CARS Tour full time next season. This will be his first time racing a NASCAR-style late model stock car.

“I am super excited to start testing a late model stock with JJR. It’s exciting to know I’ll be getting behind the wheel of a different type of race car that I haven’t experienced driving yet,” Thompson noted. “That’s where having a very experienced teammate like Kaden Honeycutt is very helpful for my development.

“Our main goal for this season is to gain valuable experience, earn the trust of my competitors and work towards the goal of running a full CARS Tour season for 2022.”

The next CARS Tour event, scheduled for March 20 at North Carolina’s Hickory Motor Speedway, will feature both the CARS Late Model Stock Tour and the CARS Super Late Model Tour.