Kodie Conner is making his first Snowball Derby attempt this week. (Jacob Seelman photo)

Improbable Road Leads Kodie Conner To Pensacola

Conner’s belief in himself has grown substantially going into an unanticipated weekend.

“To be able to run right there with them, I feel it’s a good confidence booster for myself to know that what my dad and I are doing in the shop, and what I’m doing inside the seat in my office, that I’m doing something right,” Conner said.

When asked if he would go to the rear of the pack if he wins the pole at the Snowball Derby, with $25,000 on the line for the winner if they do so, it was a no brainer for Conner.

“Oh yeah, I’d definitely take that. I feel there’s a lot that can happen in this race,” he said. “I was looking in the office yesterday and the pole is $1,000. So, I’m definitely going to be able to take that there. I feel like we have a strong enough crew. I feel behind the wheel that I’m a well-enough driver. I mean, I’m definitely still learning. I can just do the best that I can, so that’s my mindset looking forward to it.”

“[With] Nashville, I was hoping I’d be happy with a seventh place qualifying run, and we qualified on the pole, so that tells me right there that you really can’t expect anything. It’s just what happens, happens.”

The No. 45 crew is not only going against the best super late model drivers in the country this weekend, but also the last two NASCAR Cup Series champions, adding to the chaos.

“We actually raced with Kyle Busch in the past. He came down to Hickory, and I smoked them, so that was pretty good. Chase Elliott, he’s someone to look out for. He’s got a lot of talent behind him, so I’m definitely going to be trying to learn from him,” said Conner.

“[The] best thing to do is to keep our head on our shoulders. You can’t look down on anyone because you don’t know what anybody has got until we hit the track for the first time.”

Conner plans to run almost all of the Solid Rock Carriers CARS Tour schedule next year, but first, he will qualify for what could potentially be the most memorable racing weekend of his young career.

“Thank you to everybody that has helped me out. My fans and my marketing partners. I do have a new set of tires to go practicing on. For Nashville, I didn’t have any new sets, so it’s something that’s really going to help me out.

“All I can say is: the tiger (No.) 45 is at the Snowball Derby.”