Drivers in the SPEARS Pro Late Model Series will fight for $15,000 this weekend at Stockton 99 Speedway.
Drivers in the SPEARS Pro Late Model Series will fight for $15,000 this weekend at Stockton 99 Speedway.

$15,000 Stockton Prize Next For SPEARS Pro Late Models

STOCKON, Calif. – The SPEARS Pro Late Model Series Presented by Sigma Performance Services returns to Stockton 99 Speedway for the fourth time this season on Saturday night as drivers battle for a $15,000 payday during the Bischofberger Brawl 166.

The Bischofberger brothers, Allen and Jeff, are responsible for the big payday at the historic quarter-mile speedway. They felt it was a great way to give back to the sport, especially at a track that Jeff Bischofberger considers his home track on the SPEARS SRL Southwest Tour Series.

“The SRL team has provided so many good memories for my brother, myself, and my family that we thought what better way to give back to them help, but to put on the best Pro Late Model race of the year,” Jeff Bischofberger said. “Tony (Noceti) at Stockton is always so accommodating and willing to help, so we selected that track because we felt it would be appropriate to support those who support us racers.”

As a racer himself, Jeff Bischofberger knows of the difficulties each team can encounter just to get to the track for each event. He and his brother wanted to give the teams something to look forward to. They worked hard to raise the money to support not just the winner, but the entire field.

“We wanted to make sure there was a big money race for the pro lates towards the end of this year that would bring out all the big hitters,” Jeff Bischofberger said. “When looking at the schedule, we just didn’t have confidence, so we figured we would take off our team 66 hat and put on our team all racers hat and put some effort towards all the drivers and helping them have 15,000 reasons to head to Stockton 99 Speedway on Oct. 2. We worked hard to reach the $1,000 to start goal, we really wanted to show all the drivers the support, not just the winner.

“We are really thankful for a few other teams within the SRL who made it possible for the large start money to be made possible. As a team ourselves, we understand the struggles to get to the track sometimes, and we felt it was important to do what we could to help . We really look forward to having a great time this weekend.”

Jeremy Doss has dominated the SPEARS Pro Late Model Series this year, including winning the three previous visits to Stockton 99 this year with the tour. However, should he win again on Saturday, the $15,000 prize would be a career-high. 

“I’m very excited to be racing for $15,000 at Stockton,” Doss said. “We’ve been fortunate to be able to win the first three races at Stockton, but with the big purse, there will be many heavy hitters gunning for us. We will be ready for the challenge.”

Those unable to attend the event in person will be able to watch live by visiting SPEED SPORT TV affiliate Low Budget TV.

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