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Eventual winner (91) Bray Warf battles (98) Kenny Hamilton. (David Sink photo)

Warf Sweeps Speed Tour Supermodified Weekend

MERIDIAN, Idaho — Bryan Warf launched into the lead on lap four and never looked back as he took the Speed Tour Supermodified feature win Saturday night at Meridian Speedway as part of the eighth annual “Pink Lady Classic.”

It was the fourth event of season for the new upstart supermodified series.

Warf was also victorious the night before to complete the weekend sweep.

Feature (30 Laps)

1. 91-Bryan Warf: 2. 34-Randy Whittman; 3. 2a-Randy Anderson; 4. 4c-Cody Castor; 5. 98-Kenny Hamilton; 6. 78c-Tony Thomas; 7. 3u-Bryan Shafer; 8. 15-Stacey Jensen; 9. 19-Art McCarthy; 10. 2c-Rich Castor Jr.; 11. 32-Jim Birges; DNS 13-Ricky Otts

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