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PitBoxes.com Continuing Support Of CRA

SALEM, Ind. – Officials from Champion Racing Association powered by JEGS have revealed that PitBoxes.com will continue to support CRA teams with the ARCA/CRA Super Series Super Powered by JEGS and the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour for the new race season.

For the seventh season in a row PitBoxes.com will continue its Pit Crew Award Programs with both series.   

“This is our chance to continue to directly connect with the crew members,” said Pitboxes.com owner Ricky Sanders. “The drivers get a lot of the recognition, and rightfully so, but at Pitboxes.com we relate to the hard-working crew members who are the driving force behind much of a car’s success. We look forward to partnering with CRA again on this award and look forward to recognizing some of the awesome crews out there.”

CRA officials will be looking to honor the pit crews that really put forth an extraordinary effort to get a good finish at each series event.

The Pitboxes.com Pit Crew of the Race at each event will be awarded with a $200 Product Certificate from Pitboxes.com.

At the end of the season, each series will recognize a Pitboxes.com Pit Crew of the Year, each of those pit crews will receive a $1,000 Product Certificate from Pitboxes.com, which will be presented at the CRA Awards Banquet.

The R & D Racing, owned by Stan and Judi Rosen with driver Kyle Crump, was the Pitboxes.com Pit Crew of the Year with the ARCA/CRA Super Series last season, while the Blackmer Motorsports team owned by Michael Blackmer with driver Andrew Scheid was the Pitboxes.com Pit Crew of the Year with the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour.

“This is a fantastic award that Ricky has come up with,” said Glenn Luckett, managing partner with CRA. “As much as this sport focuses on the driver, stock car racing is still a team sport. Without a hard-working pit crew, the driver is just not going to do well in our races. CRA is extremely competitive racing and it takes a good, dedicated pit crew to finish at the top each week or to make the best of a bad situation that has happened.”

With the popularity of the internet, Pitboxes.com was launched in 1999 with a goal to specialize in fabricating a high quality line of standard and custom pit boxes.

Since that time the boxes have gained such popularity that they have become standard equipment for almost any racer from Go Karters to Motorcycles to Upper levels of motorsports and everything in between.

The products offered by Pitboxes.com has also changed quite a bit over the years having started with a stick built steel frame with a store bought toolbox to a much more modern process of CAD drawn, Laser Cut, Computer formed, all aluminum construction, with an in house built drawer system that is built to withstand not only the use by the race teams but also the many miles on the highway that a race team has to do going from race to race.

Additional information on all the CRA Series is available at www.cra-racing.com

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