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Ryan Timmons (Tom Macht photo)

Timmons Tops Bakersfield Sprinters

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — After warm temperatures and a full moon overhead, Ryan Timmons led the final three laps to claim his second USAC West Coast Sprint Car victory of the season Saturday night at Bakersfield Speedway.

Racing the family-owned No. 29t Red Line Oil / Evergood Fine Foods Maxim, the point leader earned the seventh win of his career over Ron LaPlant, Tanner Boul, Chris Ennis and Kyle Edwards.

Starting third, LaPlant led the first 18 circuits until defending champion Trent Carter used slower traffic to his advantage to grab the top spot. Once out front, Carter had the race well in hand until a lap twenty-seven heartbreak erased his hopes for victory.

Inheriting the lead, Timmons was not to be denied at Bakersfield and topped the 30-lap Sammy Bahr and Ray Stansberry Feature.

Timmons began the night by posting his fifth career Woodland Auto Display Fast Time over the 18-car roster with a time of 13.416 seconds.

The finish:

Feature (30 laps, With Starting Positions) 1. Ryan Timmons (6), 2. Ron LaPlant (3), 3. Tanner Boul (7), 4. Chris Ennis (1), 5. Kyle Edwards (5), 6. Tyler Hatzikian (11), 7. Adam Christian (14), 8. Jon DeWees (13), 9. James Herrera (10), 10. Tom Hendricks (12), 11. Hannah Mayhew (18), 12. Camie Bell (15), 13. Matt Day (16), 14. Trent Carter (9), 15. David Gasper (4), 16. Brody Fuson (8), 17. Cody Majors (2), 18. Elexa Herrera (17). NT.