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Michael Faccinto (M&M photo)

Faccinto Flies In Western Midgets

PLACERVILLE, Calif. — Michael Faccinto took the checkered flag as the USAC Western States and BCRA Midgets put on an outstanding show in their 30-lap finale Saturday night at Placerville Speedway.

Austin Liggett charged into the early lead and would hold command for several laps, but the action behind him was hot and heavy. Jake Andreotti then proceeded to apply heavy pressure to Liggett and was able to snatch the lead on lap 12, until issues left him parked on the infield with 14 circuits complete. 

Liggett found himself back out front for the restart but soon felt the heat in the form of Michael Faccinto, who eventually dove under for the top-spot on lap 22. Liggett attempted to get back by up top but banged the cushion a few laps later, which moved Dylan Bloomfield up to second.

Bloomfield powered after his teammate and kept him honest, but at the stripe it was Faccinto claiming the win. Bloomfield finished a very respectable second over 12th-starter Chase Johnson, Liggett and Brody Fuson. 

Dakota Albright won the BCRA Lightning Sprint feature.

The finish:

  1. 14J-Michael Faccinto[6]; 2. 14JR-Dylan Bloomfield[3]; 3. 73X-Chase Johnson[12]; 4. 83-Austin Liggett[1]; 5. 51-Brody Fuson[8]; 6. 9-Blake Bower[10]; 7. 45-Jake Morgan[7]; 8. 21W-Ben Wiesz[16]; 9. 73-Cade Lewis[9]; 10. 7NZ-Travis Buckley[22]; 11. 8-Randi Pankratz[17]; 12. 2C-Colten Raudman[2]; 13. 77-Dave Stoltz[19]; 14. 14-Beau Lemire Rescue[21]; 15. 00-Jake Andreotti[4]; 16. 6K-Mike Snider[11]; 17. 13-Danika Jo Parker[14]; 18. 5K-Ben Worth[5]; 19. 32-Caden Sarale[13]; 20. 1K-Anthony Esberg[18]; 21. 22G-Zach Telford[15]; 22. 1X-AJ Bender[23]


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