2021 Powri War Lake Ozark F Wesley Smith And Crew Vl Nicole Hockett Photo
Wesley Smith and his crew in victory lane at Lake Ozark Speedway. (Nicole Hockett photo)

Non-Wing Nationals Opener Goes To Smith

ELDON, Mo. – The Lucas Oil POWRi WAR Sprint League kicked off its season with the third annual Non-Wing Nationals Friday night, with Wesley Smith emerging as the victor.

After Xavier Doney, Kory Schudy, and Riley Kreisel won their respective hear races, high-point qualifier Schudy would lead a field of 22 POWRi WAR sprints to the initial start.

Kreisel grabbed the early racing advantage, using the outside line drive to perfection.

With Kreisel out front leading the pack on lap one, Schudy didn’t waste any time reclaiming the top spot on the second lap. Smith ran the top two down and pressed for the lead within the opening four laps, gaining the advantage from Schudy with a strong corner.

Outstanding racing action throughout the field for positions saw the laps tick away, with Smith able to drive through lap traffic with ease while spacing himself from runner-up contender Mario Clouser.

A caution bunched the field back together with eight laps remaining, as Smith again stretched out a commanding lead over the field.

Clouser tried everything to gain momentum on the leader, all while trying to hold off the hard charges of Joe B. Miller and rookie Xavier Doney.

Once again, a caution would wave with four laps remaining, setting up a shootout to the finish. Smith proved the be the driver of the night, however, with Clouser making an outstanding last-ditch effort to no avail.

Smith led the final 21 laps to claim the feature win with Clouser placing a close second.

Miller finished a hard-fought podium battle in third, ahead of Doney and Jack Wagner.

The finish:

1. 44-Wesley Smith [4]; 2. 6-Mario Clouser [6]; 3. 31-Joe B. Miller [8]; 4. 74-Xavier Doney [5]; 5. 77-Jack Wagner [13]; 6. 28-Kory Schudy [1]; 7. 91-Riley Kreisel [2]; 8. 9H-Mitchell Moore [3]; 9. 00-Taylor Walton [7]; 10. 16-Anthony Nicholson [9]; 11. 73-Samuel Wagner [12]; 12. 24H-Ty Hulsey [16]; 13. 8BB-Brody Bay [21]; 14. 5BB-Robert Talley [22]; 15. 52F-Logan Faucon [11]; 16. 67-Jonathan Hughes [10]; 17. 24C-Craig Carroll [15]; 18. 11W-Wyatt Burks [19]; 19. 27-Justin Johnson [20]; 20. 18-Wyatt Siegel [18]; 21. 8D-Terry Babb [17]; 22. 41-Brad Wyatt [14].

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