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Ayrton Gennetten (center) won Saturday's POWRi Sprint feature. (POWRi photo)

Gennetten Tops I-70 POWRi Run

ODESSA, Mo. — Ayrton Gennetten led every lap of the feature event with the POWRi 410 Outlaw Sprint in the Salute to Soldiers to notch his fourth league victory in an exceptional feature at I-70 Speedway Saturday night.

Attracting the audience on the initial green flag start with high-point qualifier Gennetten and Blake Hahn lined up in the front row as Gennetten would gain the lead on the opening lap with Hahn, Roger Crockett, Noah Gass, and Jack Wagner all raced within the top five.

Leading all feature laps without contest in the caution free feat, Gennetten would not be denied in earning his fourth career POWRi 410 Outlaw Sprint victory in an action-packed main event with Blake Hahn jostling into the runner-up position for the duration of the feature.

“We’ve been struggling the last few nights, we switched cars and worked all morning on getting everything ready,” said Gennetten. “It’s nice to get a win, putting that lap car between me and Hahn really made me feel more comfortable with the lead after that initial start.”

Challenging closely behind would find intermission foot-race winner Noah Gass placing on the final podium placement from the starting fourth on the initial green flag.

 Crockett would be among the frontrunners all feature to fourth as Jack Wagner would round out the top-five finishers.