The Track Tribute to Williams Grove. (National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum Photo)

Track Tribute To Williams Grove On Display At Sprint Car Hall

KNOXVILLE, Iowa — The Track Tribute to Williams Grove exhibit is now open at the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum.

The exhibit is currently on display through October 1, and features the cars, memorabilia and much more from one of the most revered tracks in sprint car and motor racing history, Williams Grove (Pa.) Speedway. 

Ten Big Cars/sprint cars and several items of memorabilia are exhibited in honor of the famous central Pennsylvania facility. In addition, videos showcasing the track and an educational touchscreen are a part of the exhibit.

The cars on display this summer include:

• John Gerber’s No. 15 sister car to the No. 14 driven by Tommy Hinnershitz to the first feature win ever at Williams Grove in May of 1939

• Ted Horn’s “Baby” No. 1

• Miracle Power Special No. 2 driven by Hinnershitz

• Roy Morral’s No. 880 driven by Smokey Snellbaker

• Bogar No. 99 driven by Jan Opperman

•“1 of 1” No. 69 driven by Van May

• Boops Aluminum No. 1 driven by Lynn Paxton

• Weikert No. 29 driven by Doug Wolfgang

• Harz No. 88H driven by Fred Rahmer

• Beam No. 88 driven by Todd Shaffer

“With over 80 years of tradition at Williams Grove Speedway, it’s impossible to represent it all, but we feel we have a great cross-section of cars spanning the eight decades of Williams Grove, all the way from it’s first event into the 2000’s,” said Museum Coordinator Bill Wright.  “We’d be remiss if we didn’t thank those who made it possible.  Our ten cars on display have nine different owners, and two museums also worked closely with us.  

“We’d like to thank the current management at Williams Grove as well for giving their OK on this project! Those we need to thank include Lynn and Brett Paxton, Mike Winslow from the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing, Dick Woodland from the Woodland Auto Display in California, the Gerber family, Brian Coffee, Adail Gayhart, Van May, Barry Klinedinst, Jeff Durr, Bob Risser and Todd Shaffer.  

“We feel the exhibit will be great for not only the fans of central Pennsylvania, but anyone wanting to learn more about Williams Grove Speedway!”