Nathan Smee (middle-left) is joined in victory lane by Nick Parker, Robert Heard and Matt Jackson following the Speedcar Beasley Memorial Saturday at Sungold Stadium. (Sungold Stadium photo)

Smee Goes Fast At Sungold Stadium

ALLANSFORD, Australia – The Beasley Memorial Speedcar A main became a Nathan Smee clinic as he worked all pockets of the Sungold Stadium racing surface en route to his maiden victory in the time-honored event.

Smee took the win from Nick Parker, who finished in second, with Robert Heard capping of a great night with a podium finish. Matt Jackson and Andy Pearce rounded out the top five.

Jordan Rae won the Formula 500 Dash for Cash event, from Dylan Beveridge and Dylan Willsher.

Matthew Symons, meanwhile, raced to victory in Round 3 of the Wingless Sprint Summer Slam Series. Symons led South Australia’s Jack McCarthy and Ryan Furler.

Speedcar finish:

1st N14 Nathan Smee; 2nd V39 Nick Parker; 3rd S57 Robert Heard; 4th V9 Matt Jackson; 5th S6 Andy Pearce; 6th N40 Jay Waugh; 7th V10 Travis Mills; 8th V71 Domain Ramsay; 9th V17 Mitch Whiting; 10th V3 Dillon Ghent; 11th N32 Daniel Paterson; 12th V72 Damian Bishop; 13th V25 Matt Papa; 14th V6 Matthew Brown; 15th 10m Caleb Mills; 16th 9NT Garth Thompson.

Wingless sprint finish:

1st V11 Matthew Symons; 2nd S23 Jack McCarthy; 3rd S26 Ryan Furler; 4th VX89 Christopher Temby; 5th S1 Tyson Martin; 6th S5 Joel Chadwick; 7th A1 Kyle Mock; 8th V93 Travis Millar; 9th N41 Jason Bates; 10th S86 Kirby Hillier; 11th VX34 Adin Robertson; 12th V97 Blake Walsh; 13th VX43 Ben Kirby; 14th V45 Bhoe Paterson; 15th V4 Carly Walsh; 16th V53 Samantha Miller; 17th V33 Luke Storer; 18th VX64 Brett Pope; 19th VX32 Chris Ansell; 20th V79 Clint McLaren; 21st V1 Alex Ross; 22nd V17 Andy Hibbert; 23rd N58 Luke Sayre; 24th V60 Steven Hateley.

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