Ocean Taco Bravo May 7 2021 1823
Justin Sanders (Joe Shivak photo)

Sanders Does It Again At Ocean Oval

WATSONVILLE, Calif. — Justin Sanders returned to Ocean Speedway on Friday night to claim his fourth Taco Bravo 360 Series feature win.

Sander’s familiar yellow No. 17 took the lead right before the halfway mark of the 30-lap feature. 

Corry Day took the runner-up spot after a late race charge allowed him to pass Dominic Scelzi. Scelzi held on to finish third after leading the early laps. Bud Kaeding would finish fourth ahead of Tristan Guardino.

Guardino and Scelzi brought the 19-car field down for the initial start. The race would go three laps when Jason Chisum brought out a yellow flag when he suffered a flat left-rear tire. Chisum replaced the tire and rejoined the tail of the field.

It would be Scelzi who would get the restart advantage over Guardino while Sanders would move into the second spot by the fourth circuit. By the 8th lap, leader Scelzi would be lapping the slower cars. The 12th lap saw Sanders pass Scelzi.

One lap later, the race’s first red flag stoppage occurred when Nick Ringo flipped over in the fourth turn.  During the red flag period, Jerry Bonnema would be pushed back to the pit area with a left front flat tire.

After the restart, Guardino was in a battle with Joey Ancona for the third position when the two cars went wide exiting the second turn, leaving the bottom of the track open, allowing Corry Day to slip past both cars and into the third position.

For the last 10 laps of the race, it would be a three-car battle between Sanders, Scelzi and Day. With just two laps remaining, Day made a bold move on Scelzi, putting him in the second spot but Sanders’ lead was too large as the checkered flag waved.

The Finish:

Justin Sanders, Corey Day, Dominic Scelzi, Bud Kaeding, Tristan Guardino, Joey Ancona, Kurt Nelson, Keith Day Jr., Travis Labat, Koen Shaw, Eric Humphries, Jason Chisum, Jeremy Chisum, Jerry Bonnema, Richard Fajardo, Adam Kaeding, Travis Buckley, J.J. Ringo, Nick Ringo.


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