Kraig Kinser (11k) battles Justin Peck at Volusia Speedway Park. (Paul Arch photo)

Peck Holds Steady Early On In Eastern Sprint Rankings

Justin Peck continues to lead the Eastern region standings within the National Sprint Car Rankings, as it is the only region that has kicked off the season.

Peck has accumulated 430 points in nine starts and leads Anthony Macri, who has 411 points in 11 races.

Drivers must reach 20 starts on the season before the National Rankings officially open.

Danny Dietrich, Buddy Kofoid and David Gravel complete the top five in the rankings.

Carson Macedo, David Gravel, Tyler Courtney and Freddie Rahmer have all won two of the 12 features run this season.

The points:

Eastern Region

  1. Justin Peck 430
  2. Anthony Macri 411
  3. Danny Dietrich 333
  4. Buddy Kofoid 326
  5. David Gravel 300
  6. Logan Schuchart 296
  7. Carson Macedo 294
  8. Brad Sweet 272
  9. Brent Marks 268
  10. James McFadden 265