Must See Racing sprint cars will return to Sandusky Speedway on July 24. (David Sink Photo)

Must See Racing Announces ‘Fast Cash’ Challenge Details

HOLLY, Mich. — Must See Racing Sprint Series Presented by Perfit-Parts have revealed details of the recently announced “Fast Cash” Challenge program. 

To give teams extra race day incentives and continue to create great racing, the program was instituted and will be in effect at the series next event June 22 at Owosso Speedway. The “Fash Cash” Challenge will be used for the MSR National Series the remainder of the year.

After qualifications are complete the fast qualifier will be asked to accept the challenge. If he says yes, he will immediately earn a $500 bonus. If he sets a new track record, he will pick up an additional $100.

The fast qualifier will also be able to earn additional bonuses throughout the night including a $175 bonus if he wins his heat race, $75 for runner-up, or $50 for finishing third.

Since he accepted the challenge the invert for the feature event will already be pre-determined with the highest a six and the lowest being a straight-up start. If he wins the feature event for the sixth position he will receive a $400 bonus. If he wins from the fourth starting position, he will earn a $200 bonus. If he wins from the pole, he will still earn a $100 bonus.

If the fast qualifier refuses the “Fast Cash” Challenge, he will receive no bonuses and could face an invert as high as a ten.

To receive all the available bonuses, a driver must prove to be as good of a qualifier as he is a racer. If a driver could be lucky enough to claim all the available bonuses offered for the night, he could earn as much as $1,175 in addition to his feature finish prize money.

Other News

Aaron Willison is one of the first drivers to have entered the upcoming event at Owosso. Willison teamed with veteran car owner Dick Myers at the last MSR outing in Lancaster, New York on June 1. Willison charged from his seventh starting position and nearly pulled off a stunning win on the last corner of the race.

He got alongside race winner Bobby Santos III but couldn’t beat him to the stripe. He will get at rematch at Owosso.

The MSR Midwest Lights Series will join the MSR National Series at Owosso for a winged sprint car doubleheader event. It will be the season opener for the MSR Lights Series.