Dsc 0408
Justin Sanders (Joe Shivak photo)

Justin Sanders Is SCCT Star

MERCED, Calif. — Justin Sanders started on the pole and won Saturday night’s Sprint Car Challenge Tour feature at Merced Speedway.

Driving the No. 4sa sprint car, Sanders claimed the 35-lap event ahead of third-starter Shane Golobic.

Chase Johnson, Dominic Gorden and Corbin Rueschenberg rounded out the top five in the event that was broadcast by CaliDirt.tv.

The finish:

Feature (35 Laps): 1. 4SA-Justin Sanders[1]; 2. 17W-Shane Golobic[3]; 3. 28-Chase Johnson[7]; 4. 10-Dominic Gorden[9]; 5. 94-Corbin Rueschenberg[4]; 6. 3-Kaleb Montgomery[8]; 7. 02-Ashton Torgerson[13]; 8. 83-Isaiah Vasquez[12]; 9. 88N-DJ Netto[17]; 10. 7C-Tony Gomes[14]; 11. 21-Shane Hopkins[15]; 12. X1-Michael Faccinto[10]; 13. 83V-Dylan Bloomfield[16]; 14. 14-Mariah Ede[18]; 15. 94TH-Braden Chiaramonte[2]; 16. 5R-Ryan Rocha[21]; 17. 92-Andy Forsberg[22]; 18. 9-Dustin Freitas[24]; 19. 83T-Tanner Carrick[5]; 20. 5V-Sean Becker[20]; 21. 67-Grant Duinkerken[11]; 22. 28X-Gauge Garcia[6]; 23. 14W-Jodie Robinson[23]; 24. 21W-Josh Wiesz[19]