2024 06 12 Sharon Fast Cap Henry Dusty Larson Paul Arch Photo (168)a
Cap Henry, shown at Sharon Speedway, won Friday's Ohio Speedweek race at Millstream Speedway. (Paul Arch photo)

It’s Cap Henry In Millstream Re-opening

FINDLAY, Ohio – Consistency wins championships and Cap Henry is demonstrating that adage perfectly during the 42nd annual Ohio Sprint Speedweek with the Ti-22 Performance FAST On Dirt Series.

The Bellevue, Ohio, driver scored his second win of Speedweek  in front of a huge crowd Friday at the grand re-opening of Millstream Speedway.

Going into the ninth and final night of Ohio Sprint Speedweek, Henry, who is only one of two drivers — the other being Greg Wilson — to have made all seven contested Speedweek A-mains, has a commanding lead in his bid to become the Speedweek champion.

Henry opened Speedweek with a win at Attica Raceway Park where he is the defending track champion. He followed with a third-place finish at Waynesfield Motorsports Park on Sunday before a heat race incident which placed him at the rear of the field for the feature Monday at Wayne County Speedway where he finished 17th.

Henry roared back Tuesday with a third-place run at Hilltop Speedway followed by a fifth-place finish at Sharon Speedway Wednesday and a second-place showing Thursday at Muskingum County Speedway.

Friday at Millstream, Scotty Thiel grabbed the early lead in the 30-lap feature with Henry driving from fourth to second on the opening lap.

Henry drove under Thiel for the lead on lap nine just as a caution flew for debris. Henry built up a substantial lead while the battle for second saw Zane DeVault get around Thiel on lap 12.

A debris caution on lap 20 wiped out Henry’s lead, but he executed a perfect restart to once again drive away.

With five laps to go Henry held a 2.1-second lead over DeVault with ninth starter Skylar Gee moving into third after a spirited battle with Thiel and Cale Thomas.

A yellow flag on the final lap set up a shootout but Henry once again nailed his restart and drove to the victory, his fourth overall win of 2024.

DeVault, Gee, Thiel and 12th-starter Joel Myers Jr. rounded out the top five.

“I’m just so proud of my guys, Zack, Jeff, Gary, Chris and Chad, the way they’ve turned this season around means a lot. It truly is a team effort,” Henry said. “To win in front of that big of a crowd is so cool. I wanted to just be patient and make sure we got good points, but I always want to win too. Years ago when the All Stars came here I was leading one and got taken out by another guy and lost it.

“This is the type of race track we kind of struggled at this week. I knew it was important to get out front and every one of those cautions was a big deal to keep us in clean air. It was really hard to see in traffic.”

The finish:

Feature (30 Laps): 1. 33W-Cap Henry[4]; 2. 4-Zane DeVault[3]; 3. 99-Skylar Gee[9]; 4. 73-Scotty Thiel[1]; 5. 19H-Joel Myers Jr[12]; 6. 24D-Danny Sams III[7]; 7. 1-Nate Dussel[2]; 8. 5AU-Brock Hallett[16]; 9. 28M-Conner Morrell[6]; 10. 7N-Darin Naida[14]; 11. 34-Sterling Cling[20]; 12. 11N-Kasey Jedrzejek[10]; 13. 23-Cale Thomas[8]; 14. 16-DJ Foos[5]; 15. 17-Dylan Norris[15]; 16. 5T-Travis Philo[23]; 17. 10X-Reese Nowotarski[18]; 18. 60-Jordyn Charge[13]; 19. (DNF) 2-Ricky Peterson[17]; 20. (DNF) 35-Stuart Brubaker[11]; 21. (DNF) 9Z-Duane Zablocki[22]; 22. (DNF) W20-Greg Wilson[21]; 23. (DNF) 25R-Jordan Ryan[24]; 24. (DNF) 48-Danny Dietrich[19]