Danny Dietrich. (Paul Arch Photo)

Dietrich To The Top Of Eastern Sprint Car Rankings

With the weather warming up and improving by the week, five regions are open for the National Sprint Car Rankings.

Several drivers are approaching the 20 starts required in order for the national rankings to begin being tabulated.

Danny Dietrich has moved to the top of the Eastern region standings with 10 top-10 finishes in 16 starts. Anthony Macri ranks second.

Cap Henry owns three top-five finishes in four starts and leads the Great Lakes region over J.J. Hickle.

World of Outlaws driver Carson Macedo leads the Mid-America region over Brad Sweet.

Jordan Goldesberry leads the Great Plains region and Corey Day is the best in the Western region.

Thirty-two drivers have combined to win the 44 features run so far this season. Sweet leads the country with four victories.

The points:

Eastern Region

  1. Danny Dietrich 679
  2. Anthony Macri 633
  3. Justin Peck 600
  4. Devon Borden 556
  5. Freddie Rahmer 485