Steven Snyder Jr. (NOW 600 photo)

Deuces Wild For Steven Snyder Jr.

LOGANSPORT, Ind. — Going up against a field of 117 drivers from 19 states, the lone driver from Maryland was the one on top when the checkered flag waved, as Steven Snyder, Jr. captured his 11th victory of the season on night one of the Dirt2Media Deuces Wild Shootout at U.S. 24 Speedway.

The event was sanctioned by the Dirt2Media National Open Wheel 600 Series presented by Hi-Plains Building Division.

A two-time winner in NOW600 Outlaw competition, Thursday’s win is the first time Snyder has topped NOW600 Stock Non-Wing, where he is the 64th driver to do so.

Taking off from the pole, Snyder was not unchallenged but was untouched as Kale Drake took numerous shots on restarts; the No. 26k pulled even at one point but could not make the advance. Into his groove in the closing laps, Snyder pulled away by 1.467 seconds for the win.

Kale Drake in second was followed by Jett Hays from sixth, who slid into third with three laps to go.

Greyson Springer ended up fourth, with Gunnar Setser grabbing fifth at the line.

Taking the final lock-in for Saturday’s $ 12,222.22-to-win feature was Indiana racing legend Russ Gamester.

Friday and Saturday’s action can be watched live on SPEED SPORT affiliate Dirt2Media.tv.

The finish:

Feature (30 Laps): 1. 21S-Steven Snyder Jr[1]; 2. 26K-Kale Drake[3]; 3. 83X-Jett Hays[6]; 4. 24G-Greyson Springer[2]; 5. G5-Gunnar Setser[5]; 6. 49G-Russ Gamester[8]; 7. 29C-Chase Cabre[10]; 8. 95X-Braden Chiaramonte[4]; 9. 41C-Brian Carber[14]; 10. 5K-Kris Carroll[9]; 11. 99EE-Eastin Ashbrooke[12]; 12. 26-Corbin Rueschenberg[7]; 13. 71-Tim Buckwalter[13]; 14. 14R-Jake Nail[19]; 15. 20Q-Brecken Reese[17]; 16. 21-Mason Beinhower[18]; 17. 5X-Jack Kassik[16]; 18. 1V-Johnny Boland[15]; 19. 74-Sheldon Creed[11]; 20. 3W-Chris Cochran[20]