Corey Day scored his third career Sprint Car Challenge Tour victory in May. (SCCT photo)

Day Dashes To Peter Murphy Classic Win

HANFORD, Calif. — Corey Day continued his torrid season pace on Saturday night by claiming victory with the Sprint Car Challenge Tour (SCCT) at Kings Speedway in Hanford during the ninth running of the Peter Murphy Classic.

“It feels great to get another win here in Hanford tonight with the Sprint Car Challenge Tour,” Day said after the race. “I want to give a big thank you to my entire team and everybody that supports us. This is an awesome event that Peter Murphy puts on and it’s great to see a large crowd on hand.”

The 30-lap SCCT feature started out with High Sierra Industries Dash winner Mitchell Faccinto jumping into the lead. Day wasted no time moving to the front of the field, as he swooped to the lead with four circuits complete.

The 17-year-old pilot of the Four C’s Construction/ Elite Landscape Construction No. 41 had his way with things out front the rest of the way, en route to his third career SCCT victory. Aromas racer Justin Sanders found the high side to his liking and blasted around cars to earn a strong runner-up finish aboard the Dale Miller Septic No. 4sa mount.

Early race leader Faccinto crossed the stripe in third to tally his first podium effort of the SCCT season.

Three-time tour champion Kyle Hirst of Butte Valley put together a solid night coming home in fourth, with Justyn Cox claiming the Pit Stop USA Hard Charger Award driving from 13th to fifth. Completing the top 10 were Chase Johnson, Dylan Bloomfield, Ryan Bernal, Kaleb Montgomery and Sean Becker.

Heat race wins during the night were pocketed by Mitchell Faccinto, Dominic Scelzi, Chase Johnson and Sean Becker.

Faccinto claimed the Dash win with Dominic Gorden winning the B-main.

Feature Results (30 Laps)

1. 41-Corey Day[3]; 2. 4SA-Justin Sanders[9]; 3. 12R-Mitchell Faccinto[1]; 4. 94TH-Kyle Hirst[7]; 5. 42X-Justyn Cox[13]; 6. 28-Chase Johnson[4]; 7. 83V-Dylan Bloomfield[11]; 8. 22-Ryan Bernal[15]; 9. 3-Kaleb Montgomery[17]; 10. 7B-Sean Becker[2]; 11. 67G-Grant Duinkerken[10]; 12. 7-Jake Morgan[8]; 13. 10-Dominic Gorden[21]; 14. 5R-Ryan Rocha[12]; 15. 92-Andy Forsberg[16]; 16. 94-Greg Decaires V[19]; 17. 1-Chance Grasty[22]; 18. 14-Mariah Ede[23]; 19. (DNF) 41S-Dominic Scelzi[5]; 20. (DNF) 9L-Luke Hayes[24]; 21. (DNF) 121-Caeden Steele[6]; 22. (DNF) 17W-Shane Golobic[14]; 23. (DNF) 21X-Gauge Garcia[20]; 24. (DNF) 38N-Kyle Rasmussen[18]