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Baron Silva (Richard Bales photo)

Baron Silva Is New NOW 600 Winner

MEEKER, Okla. — Round three of Sooner 600 Week rolled into Red Dirt Raceway on Friday with Baron Silva adding his name to the list of A-Class winners.

Jett Nunley continued his dominance of Restricted, and Chris Cochran made his return to victory lane with the Dirt2Media National Open Wheel 600 Series presented by Hi-Plains Building Division.

Back to the top of the podium for the first time since 2019 in Restricted at Port City Raceway, Baron Silva shot to the point on the start and protected the lead from there. Brant Woods was second, with Frank Flud third. Moving up from 12th, Cole Schroeder, who had won the last two A-Class events, made it to fourth, followed by Chance Cody in fifth.

Working by Austin Torgerson on lap 10 for the point in the Stock Non-Wing A-Feature, Chris Cochran made it eight career NOW600 wins. Stalked to the finish by Frank Flud, the No. 3w grabbed the win by .259 seconds.

Ryder Laplante, from 14th, made it to third on the closing lap. Torgerson slipped to fourth with Ryan Frandsen fifth from 15th.

Keeping his momentum going, Nunley is now three-for-three in Sooner 600 Week competition. Leading the full Restricted feature event, the No. 33 was chased by Braxton Weger, who moved up from ninth. Garyn Howard, Cale Lagroon and Mattix McBride.