Justin Barger
Justin Barger in victory lane. (USCS photo)

Barger Wires Carolina USCS Run

GASTONIA, N.C. — Justin Barger went wire-to-wire to park in the RockAuto.com USCS Victory Lane after 25 laps around Carolina Speedway on Friday night. It was the New York transplant’s first USCS sprint car victory of the season.

Eric Riggins Jr. started fourth and chased Barger in the runner-up spot where he finished. Lance Moss collected the final podium spot and Sprint Car Hall of Famer and current USCS points leader Danny Smith followed in fourth.

Rookie young gun Brent Crews rounded out the top five.

The finish:

Feature (25 laps): 1. 5-Justin Barger[1]; 2. 47-Eric Riggins Jr[4]; 3. 23-Lance Moss[5]; 4. 4-Danny Smith[6]; 5. 1X-Brent Crews[3]; 6. 22-Connor Leoffler[7]; 7. 29o-Jeff Oliver[12]; 8. 29A-Kyle Amerson[14]; 9. 20-Garrett Green[10]; 10. 83-Mark Ruel Jr[8]; 11. 7E-Eric Gunderson[15]; 12. (DNF) 67-Brian Thomas[9]; 13. (DNF) 9-Danny Oliver[13]; 14. (DNF) 28-Jeff Willingham[11]; 15. (DNF) 3-Todd Gracey[2]; 16. (DNF) 10-Terry Gray[16]; 17. (DNS) 33-Joe Larkin