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A Year Of Change Ahead For Southern Ontario Sprints

HAMILTON, Ont. — Next year, the Southern Ontario Sprints (SOS) will no longer be a club. They have been taken over by Peter Turford and will be the lone 360 sprint car series in Ontario.

An agreement has been made between the SOS and Knights of Thunder (KoT) for the SOS to be the lone 360 traveling series in Ontario.

The 2023 schedule is expected to see a combination of the tracks both series have raced at previously, with the total number of races projected to be in the 12-15 range. The SOS race night purse will match the KoT purse structure ($2000-to-win, $250-to-start).

Some additional bonuses will be added as well.

The series will utilize a time trial and passing point format. Drivers will now time trial in their warm up against their fellow heat race competitors. The driver with the fastest time will be inverted to the fourth place starting position and passing points will be given out to all competitors. The top four drivers will re-draw for the top four starting spots while the fifth through eighth ranked passing points cars will re-draw for spots five through eight.

The remainder of the field will be lined up straight up by their passing points.

“We are really looking forward to 2023,” Turford said. “None of this would have happened without the leadership of the past SOS leadership and KoT leader Clinton Geoffrey; everyone setting their own agendas aside for the benefit of 360 sprint car racing in Ontario. I’m looking forward to what the upcoming season has to bring and I’m even more excited to announce more news in the coming weeks.”