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Corey Day in victory lane after winning Saturday night's Dirt Cup at Skagit Speedway. (NARC photo)

$62,000 Dirt Cup Goes To Corey Day

ALGER, Wash. — Corey Day officially checked off a Super Dirt Cup victory from of his personal bucket list, walking off with a $62,000 payday after a dominant performance in the 40-lapper at Skagit Speedway. 

Day powered under polesitter Zeb Wise on lap 12 and mastered lap traffic the rest of the way to score a 2.961- second victory aboard the potent Jason Meyers Racing Sanders Engineering No. 14 KPC sprint car. It was Day’s 16th career NARC 410 Series victory.

Day made it the first father-son combination to win the Super Dirt Cup after his father (Ronnie) won the race in 2000.


Zeb Wise, in the Rudeen Racing No. 26r, set the pace chased by Justin Sanders, Day, Cole Macedo, and the rest of the stout 26-car field. 

Day, who started third, passed Sanders on the second lap and quickly began to reel in the leader. A caution period on lap eight tightened up the field and created a four lap side-by-side duel between the two frontrunners. 

Day made his winning move and then sliced and diced in traffic and was never threatened the remaining distance.

Wise got locked in a heated battle with Cole Macedo and the pair swapped positions for several laps.  Jason Solwold, aboard the Scotties Plumbing & Repair sprinter, entered the exciting battle for second, but Wise won out in the end to score second at the Super Dirt Cup for the second year running. 

NARC point leader Macedo finished third in the Tarlton & Son No. 21 Maxim to fill out the podium.

“This is unbelievable; I’ve been here three years now; I felt like we had a shot in 2022 and last year but just didn’t put it together,” said Day, the 2023 NARC series champion. “It feels so good to put this one together, and I owe it all to Shane (Bowers, crew chief) for a badass race car all night, all weekend, and a badass race track from the Skagit track crew, and to Kevin Rudeen for putting this whole event on and its awesome to be racing for this much money on the West Coast.”

Justin Sanders, the 2023 Dirt Cup winner, was scored fourth, with Justyn Cox fifth.

The finish:

Feature (40 Laps): 1. 14-Corey Day [3]; 2. 26R-Zeb Wise [1]; 3. 21T-Cole Macedo [6]; 4. 2X-Justin Sanders [2]; 5. 42X-Justyn Cox [7]; 6. 18-Jason Solwold [5]; 7. 19-Colby Thornhill [15]; 8. 10X-Dominic Gorden [10]; 9. 5V-Colby Copeland [8]; 10. 21-Jesse Schlotfeldt [13]; 11. 55-Trey Starks [9]; 12. 17W-Shane Golobic [26]; 13. 24X-Chase Johnson [22]; 14. 8-Devon Borden [14]; 15. 21P-Robbie Price [11]; 16. 18T-Tanner Holmes [4]; 17. 88N-DJ Netto [16]; 18. 26-Eric Fisher [17]; 19. 29W-Willie Croft [12]; 20. 2XM-Max Mittry [23]; 21. 96-Greg Hamilton [19]; 22. 83T-Tanner Carrick [25]; 23. 95-Justin Youngquist [20]; 24. 17A-Hunter Schuerenberg [21]; 25. 121-Caeden Steele [18]; 26. 17-Cam Smith [24]